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Archikids: Toys Dream of Spaces
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Location: Architekturzentrum Wien - Podium
Workshop: Saturday 24 April 2010, 3pm
Tickets: Sold Out !

Every child has its favourite toy figure — Teddy, Littlest Pet, the action heroes from Star Wars, Spongebob, a doll… It has its own special place and always comes along. How would Teddy & Co. imagine their favourite space? How would they decorate it with our help? In architecture, too, there are sometimes dream homes. We look at a number of these more closely in the company of architects heri&salli, and afterwards we want to build our own dream houses. Your favourite space for your favourite toy figure — which, of course, you should definitely bring along with you when you come.

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Archikids: Toys Dream of Spaces

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