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Archikids: Photographing with Marta and Dieter
Workshop for children aged 6+

Location: Architekturzentrum Wien
Workshop: Saturday 10 October 2015, 3pm
Tickets: EUR 3,50 / admission free for small partner

Support programme “One Room for Five. Twenty Architectural Years”

Workshop in the framework of the exhibition.

The educational programme for the exhibition “One Room for Five” will be implemented personally by the five architects.

What is negative about a photo and what is positive? What does a pinhole camera look like and why does the building inside it stand on its head? Perspective, lighting and the view chosen present the building and can enable a screw or a window to make a big impact. With architects Marta Schreieck and Dieter Henke we will take a closer look at a camera and become active photographers ourselves.

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Workshops for the whole family!

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Archikids: Photographing with Marta and Dieter

Archikids: Photographing with Marta and Dieter

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