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Catalogue: LINZ TEXAS A City Relates
English Edition

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Fitz, Angelika; Heller, Martin (Eds.)
2008, 200 p. With num. illus. in color., Softcover
ISBN: 978-3-211-78894-3
English Edition

With contributions by Shumon Basar, Angelika Fitz, Klemens Gruber, Martin Heller, Bart Lootsma, Angelika Schnell, Dietmar Steiner and Roemer van Toorn.

2009 is Linz's year as European Capital of Culture. This calls for the creation of a new profile for the Upper Austrian provincial capital, which has shown a remarkable talent for reinventing itself in the recent past. Whose example can Linz learn from, and what lessons learnt can it pass on to others? What does Linz have in common with Madrid, Wolfsburg or Seattle? Which of its attributes are shared by Moscow, Manchester or Davos?

An urban road movie sets out to find the answers. In a visual dialogue with other cities, LINZ TEXAS develops a both atmospheric and challenging reading of a medium-sized city which ventures far beyond the familiar methods of urban representation.

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LINZ TEXAS A City Relates

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