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BEST OF AUSTRIA. Architektur Architecture 2006_07

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Editor: Architekturzentrum Wien
Publisher: Holzhausen
Language: German and English
256 pages

Editing: Barbara Feller
Editorial team: Dietmar Steiner, Bernd Hartmann, Katharina Ritter, Andrea Seidling
Organisation, picture editor: Andrea Seidling
Catalogue concept: Gabriele Lenz
Essay: Hubertus Adam
Authors: Klaus-Juergen Bauer, Gordana Brandner-Gruber, Robert Fabach, Barbara Feller, Eva Guttmann, Manuela Hoetzl, Anne Isopp, Gabriele Kaiser, Elke Krasny, Marion Kuzmany, Isabella Marboe, Norbert Mayr, Astrid Meyer, Veronika Mueller, Andrea Nussbaum, Romana Ring, Robert Temel

5 Best of Austria
6 Considerations on the Current Situation Hubertus Adam
10 Categories
11 Education
40 Public Buildings
64 Office, Administration
82 Living
104 Tourism, Leisure
122 Culture
140 Single family house
184 Industry, Trade, Commerce
214 Public Space, Infrastructure
232 Architecture Awards 2006_07
250 Architects
253 Credits
254 Authors
255 Imprint

Presenting Austria’s best architecture is a tall order and
selecting it a great challenge. A challenge whose weight,
in the case of this book, rests upon many shoulders. Each project presented here has received at least one or, in some cases, several significant architectural awards in 2006 and 2007.
These winners were chosen by qualified juries who judged the submitted projects according to the criteria of each competition. The result is a panorama of Austria’s architectural landscape, showing its density, high standard, widespread regional distribution, and enormous variety. However, the around 180 projects presented
here (all built in Austria or planned by Austrian architects) represent only a small portion of the broad architectural array of this country, since more prizes are awarded than could be taken into consideration by this publication. Most competitions also bestow very meaningful nominations, honorable mentions, commendations, etc. in addition to top placements and presenting all of these would have gone beyond the scope of this publication. And so gaps arise here and there, last but not least since not every good project is submitted to a competition. Nonetheless, the abundance and quality of the building projects presented here are impressive and create an excellent overview of new architecture in Austria.
Projects are scattered from east to west, range from small renovations to great enterprises, broach diverse subject matter, and use all materials. This book was inspired by the 1st Austrian Building Culture Report (Österreichischer Baukulturreport) and is an initiative of Dr. Claudia Schmied, Federal Minister for Education, the Arts
and Culture. It is the starting block of a series to be published biennially, presenting new projects and bringing Austrian architecture to the public. (Barbara Feller, Dietmar Steiner)

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Best of Austria. Architecture 2006_2007

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