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BEST OF AUSTRIA. Architektur. Architecture 2008_09

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Publisher: Architekturzentrum Wien
Residenz Verlag
Language Deutsch Englisch
Pages 256
Year of Publication: 2010
ISBN: 9783701732227

Concept and Editing: Barbara Feller
Organisation and picture desk: Andrea Seidling
Design: Gabriele Lenz
Texts from: Klaus-Jürgen Bauer, Sonja Bettel, Gordana Brandner-Gruber, Robert Fabach, Barbara Feller, Manuela Hötzl, Anne Isopp, Gabriele Kaiser, Elke Krasny, Marion Kuzmany, Isabella Marboe, Norbert Mayr, Astrid Meyer, Veronika Mueller, Andrea Nussbaum, Romana Ring, Arno Ritter, Robert Temel

Following the resounding success of the first volume in this series, we now present for the second time a “Best of” Austrian architecture and building culture, a publication that provides an up-to-date overview of Austrian architectural activity.

The approximately 160 projects built in Austria or designed by Austrian architects presented here, and the recipients of personal achievement awards, only represent the “tip of the iceberg.” All relevant architectural awards were taken into consideration. However, including the numerous highly qualified additional nominations, honorable mentions, and awards, etc. of all the prizes would have burst the seams of this publication. And thus gaps occur here and there, arising not in the least from the fact that good projects can be found beyond the scope of any architectural prize.

In this volume, we present those projects and persons who received one or, in some cases, several renowned architectural awards in 2008 and 2009. The selection of these prize winners was made by qualified juries who awarded the best submitted projects accorded to the specific parameters of each prize. The resulting panorama of the Austrian architectural landscape is very dense, of a homogeneous high quality, spread broadly throughout the regions, and greatly varied. Projects ranging from minor renovations to large-scale developments, from east to west, with various points of emphasis, and using all materials are shown here, thereby presenting Austrian architectural and building culture activity in all its diverse quality.

This book is a result of the 1st Austrian Building Culture Report, an initiative of Dr. Claudia Schmied, the Federal Minister for Education, Art and Culture. It is the second in a series bringing Austrian architecture to the broad public every two years.

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