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At the beginning of 1997 the Architekturzentrum Wien went online with its collection of data resulting from research carried out for the exhibition "Architektur im 20. Jahrhundert – Österreich" (Architecture in the 20th Century – Austria) held on the occasion of the Frankfurt Buchwoche in 1995.

An interactive database structure was developed in collaboration with "nextroom - architektur im netz" that concentrated on buildings in Austria and provided appropriate information in the form of texts, images, plans, biographical details, addresses etc.

Architektur Archiv Austria
Die online Bauwerkssammlung des Architekturzentrum Wien

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The Architecture Archive Austria database established by the Architekturzentrum Wien on the basis of archives housed at the Az W is a very large, integral part of "nextroom - architektur im netz" and currently encompasses more than 2100 buildings by approx. 600 architects and their teams. The complete archive is permanently accessible online and is expanding.

The high profile achieved by the Architektur Archiv Austria is largely thanks to the work of Kurt Zweifel, who built-up and updated the collection from 1997-2003.

There are currently approx. 2.200.000 page views accessing the data made available by "nextroom - architektur im netz" every month.

(The data is regrettably mainly available in German but do feel free to proceed.)


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