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Ewald Kirschner, GESIBA

Good residential architecture is not self-serving but adapts to meet people's needs: as individuals, but also as members of a social group. A bonus of good residential architecture is that it promotes community, society and communication.

Good architecture is having the courage to experiment without putting form before content. Good architecture allows flexibility and creates spaces.

Good residential architecture is a dialogue: between the building and the setting, and between public space and the private realm, the design of lifestyles and homes.

Good architecture is the product of a process of discussion between clients and architects, prospective occupants and users.
Good residential architecture is self-confident but not conceited.

The Gesiba has developed its philosophy around the above principles, finding innovative solutions together with architects, a philosophy that is applied in the revitalisation of the Gasometers or Bike City, in the intergenerational housing complexes, Wohnpark Alt Erlaa or the new residential districts on the former Nordbahnhof grounds and the Sonnwendviertel. Apart from the creative challenge of actively participating in the design of the city, the focus of this remit is on guaranteeing fair housing and the highest possible standard of living. With a high degree of success.

That is why institutions and initiatives like the Architekturzentrum Wien are so essential. As they promote dialogue about housing, planning and building, they show people how to look with such commendable exhibitions, they show how utopias can be realised, and show architecture in its social context. Not least, it is a forum, a database and a platform for architects, clients and planners.

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