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Holiday workshops

During school holidays the architecture education team in the Az W regularly comes up with a number of enjoyable themes that are designed to appeal to children.

Given the fact that children's visits in the summer are, so to speak, "voluntary" (unlike during the school year when they come with the school) and the children expect to have some fun, the summer workshops are primarily based on play. Studies have shown that children who grow up in the country develop a greater awareness of their surroundings than city children.

This means that it is important for children to build houses and spaces of their own – that suit their proportions and with which they can identify – so that they can consciously experience space. On this account 1:1 building is particularly popular with Viennese children and is a regular feature of the Az W summer programme.

Workshops so far
February 2015: Igloos and other domes
2014 July Architecture and Material
2013 August: Bridging the Gap
2013 July: LEGO Adventure City
2012 August: The City of Tomorrow
2012 July: LEGO Adventure City
2011 August: class="link-normal" >Floating Houses
2011 Juli: LEGO Adventure City
August 2010: The Az W Space Station: a flying construction site in outer space
July 2010: Adventure City! Building with LEGO
2009 July: How do animals live?
2009 August: Floating houses
2008: Sporting Worlds
2007: Bridging the Gap
2006: mobile–HOME. My House To Go
2005: Duckburg
2004: minimal housing
2003: [RE]build Vienna
2002: Adventure City
2001: When buildings scrape the sky...

Kindly supported by Kapla and LEGO.

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Wasteland Workspace - 26.07.

Wasteland Workspace - 27.07.

Wasteland Workspace - 28.07.

Video Floating Houses 04.08.09

Video LEGO Building Event 10.07.10

Video from the workshop 'mobile - HOME'

Video from the workshop 'Minimal Housing'

Video from the workshop 'Bridging the Gap'

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