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When the Architekturzentrum Wien was founded in 1993 the primary focus was on the presentation and exhibition of architecture. Initially no thought was given to collecting like a museum. Today, however, the Az W engages in all the tasks undertaken by a classic architecture museum: collecting, preserving and researching.

In recent years our collection has grown continuously and an end is not yet in sight. On the contrary, in fact: we are increasingly being contacted by architects or their successors in title, as today we are the only institution in Austria that collects in a planned manner and preserves the legacy of Austrian architecture dating from after 1945. The items in the collection are ordered according to project type, inventoried and augmented with biographical details. The long-term goal is to build up comprehensive collection of “Austrian Architecture of the 20th and 21st century”.

The collection and research department of the Az W consists primarily of three parts: the Achleitner Archive, the architectural estates of Austrian architects, living and deceased, as well as, parallel to the exhibition programme, a permanently growing collection of individual projects that have provided important impulses or help to shape current building activity.

Collection, estates, material from the archives by appointment only (to be made in writing/email or by telephone)

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