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The Az W relies on you

With your donation you support the preservation of Austria’s architectural heritage. A good investment, as the architecture in the AzW collection is most definitely not a real estate bubble!

Architecture affects all of us. From the living room to the office building to the public [more] green spaces we enjoy or the streets along which we move – the design of our surroundings influences practically all areas of our lives. To understand our current living environment and to draw lessons from it for the future we must be able to trace the development of architecture.

The Architekturzentrum Wien is the sole institution in Austria that is devoted to the continuous and intensive examination and preservation of the architectural history of modernism in this country. With its design drawings, plans, sketch books, photos and models the valuable collection of the AzW documents the important epochs in the history of Austrian architecture. It includes exceptional designs, pioneering buildings, previously little-known gems, and unique works by, for the most part, Austrian architects, and helps to secure the architectural legacy of the future as a basis for our national identity.

There are many different reasons that can motivate you to make a donation. Join the circle of supporters. Your donation – no matter what size – is an expression of your solidarity with the Architekturzentrum Wien and helps us to finance and continue our collecting activity.

What do you support with your donation?
from 16 EUR photo sleeves 10 x 15, 100 pcs.
from 56 EUR archive labels, acid-free, 100 pcs.
from 72 EUR archive box A3, acid-free, 1 piece.
from 80 EUR digitalisation of a historic plan, depending on the specific size,
from 15 EUR archive portfolio A1, acid-free, 10 pcs.
from 200 EUR transport of a bequest or legacy
from 250 EUR thymol, protective clothing, breathing mask and one-way cleaning tools to combat mould
from 350 EUR restoration of a plan, depending on the amount of damage
from 450 EUR restoration of a model, depending on the amount of damage
from 800 EUR 1 linear metre of palette shelving for archive storage
from 1,200 EUR archive plan chest DIN A0, 10 drawers
from 76,000 EUR annual rent for storage facilities
around 20,000 EUR to 120,000 EUR for processing a bequest or legacy, depending on size

... and much more

You can make your contribution online by credit card or Sofortüberweisung (direct debit).

Thank you!
As an expression of gratitude for a donation of 100 euros upwards you will be invited by the management to a reception in the Az W where you will brought behind the scenes of the collection. Unless you wish otherwise you will be named as a donor on our website and you will be included in the donations list of the collection
of the Az W.

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Donations are tax deductible for businesses as operating expenses according to
§4 (4) Z 6 lit b. EstG, and for private persons as special expenses according to §18 (1) Z 7 EstG.



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