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128 pages, 300 ill., b/w, c, German
Sonderzahl Verlag, 1998, Vienna
authors: Wolfgang Zinganel, Dietmar Steiner, u.a.
editors: Architektur Zentrum Wien, Dietmar Steiner
ISBN 3-85449-138-7
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With the exhibition 'We, the house builders - construction in Austria', Architektur Zentrum Wien focuses on the country's largest construction assignment: the single-family house.
Whereas the first part of this series under the title 'Standard houses', which was organized last summer concentrated on the object, i.e. '(prefabricated) houses' and their serial and industrial production, the focus has now shifted to the subject, the 'house builder', and the individual realization of the 'dream of one's own home' since the end of World War II.
At a time when the fractures in this country's building tradition are becoming obvious - more and more houses built in the post-war era are now being bequeathed to others, rebuilt or sold - the exhibition retraces a building history that has previously gone practically unnoticed.
In portraits, biographies, and documentaries 'We, the house builders' of all decades, take the floor to tell their house stories and pass on their experiences to future fellow house builders.

Contributions by: Wolfgang Amann, Klaus Jürgen Bauer, Eva Blimlinger, Oliver Croy, Matthias Dusini, Alfons Dworsky, Anita Frank, Oliver Marchart, Siegfried Mattl, Michael Mauracher, Dietmar Steiner, Adolph Stiller, Wolfgang Thaler, Ute Woltron, Patricia Zacek, Christian Zillner, Michael Zinganel

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