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With 10 friends or more you can easily book a birthday workshop with us.

Duration: 3 hours
age: 5-12 yrs

12 children
260,- € without cake
276,- € with cake
more than 12 children: plus 10,-/child

Available anytime by appointment 01-522 31 15 or

A voyage through the history of housing
What were housing conditions like in Vienna over 100 years ago, and how do people live today? What have you learned about from tales of your grandparents or great-grandparents?
A memory game guides you through the exhibition at the Az W, and terms are explained like 'Red Vienna' or 'terraced houses' in a discussion about innovative housing concepts. Equipped with knowledge about scale, floor plans and various symbols used on plans, at the end you plan and build your own housing estate.

mobile–HOME. My House To Go
Who hasn't dreamed of living in a home that can be carried around, of being able to really enjoy mobile living. Moving from one city to another and always having accommodation with you – like a snail.
Inspired by the most wide-ranging and funniest impressions of mobile architecture, we are building our own take-away home. We have several building materials at our disposal.

On the trail of urban development with Donald Duck and his three nephews, Huey, Dewey and Louie
The staring roles are played by Donald Duck – the cartoon character from America – and his hometown. We study the architecture of Duckburg together: the road network, spaghetti junctions, urban structure, Downtown Duckburg, the residential area, skyscrapers with skywalks and systems of tunnels, and much more. Then we build our own Duckburg.

When buildings scrape the sky...
Do you know which are the highest buildings in the world? Or do you know what a paternoster is? What is, actually, a steel frame building? How come a 300 foot high building doesn't topple over in a high
wind? The answers to these and many other questions will be revealed at the Architekturzentrum Wien.

Building in Space
Haven't you always wanted to move to an alien planet, or at least to the moon — and to feel the endlessness of space at zero gravity? Where does the astronaut put his cabin? What does a space toilet look like? What goes up, and what goes down?
In this workshop we build our own rocket engine, are introduced to the planets and design a space station.

Adventure City
Plan and build your own bridges, buildings and roads. Your facilities will be placed in a landscape ...

Bridging the gap
Arch bridges, chain bridges, suspension bridges, hanging bridges, cable stayed bridges, pontoons or human chains – find out more about the construction and history of these key feats of civil engineering at the Architekturzentrum Wien. Equipped with tape measure, spirit level and other tools we build our own bridge. We test its load bearing capacity over water – hopefully nobody gets wet!
(ages 8+)

Floating Houses
Have you ever thought about living on the water? About moving ‒ always by water ‒ from city to city, along with your entire home? Together we look at the materials, structural properties and architecture of floating shelter. Stimulated by various examples of these housing islands we then build our own floating home.

Kindly supported by LEGO and Kapla.

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mobile - HOME


Bridging the gap

Adventure City

When buildings scrape the sky ...

Video from the workshop 'mobile - HOME'

Video from the workshop 'Minimal Housing'

Video from the workshop 'Bridging the Gap'

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