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Workshops for Families

Everything you've ever wanted to know about architecture.
Architecture for the whole family!

Each month one Saturday is a fixture on the programme for inquisitive Archikids (aged 6 and over). Find out everything you've ever wanted to know about architecture on this expedition into the built environment. The programme is designed to be equally appealing to your parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles.

Upcoming Events
Archikids: Mudbricks, Burnt Bricks or LEGO?
Saturday 9 September 2017

Archikids Events so far
Feb Virtual Reality
Mar Wir stricken uns ein Dach
Apr The Second Skin
May NEST bauen – Temporary Use

Nov NEST building — Temporary Use
Dec Let's Plot Something!
Oct The Thinnest Concrete Slab in the World
Sep Building with Wood
May From Stables Door to Palace of Culture
Feb Constructing Game Worlds

Dez Gingerbread Town or Crispy Cottage?
Nov Clay houses in Nigeria
Oct Photographing with Marta and Dieter
Sep Staying overnight in a former metal workshop
Jun. Aspern: We are Building an Urban Lakeside
May Building with Glass
Apr aspern Vienna’s Urban Lakesidet
Mar Why does the DC Tower hardly wobble at all?

Dec Hotel architecture – housing for a night
Nov The old South Station becomes Vienna's new Main Station
Oct How would you like to live?
Sep What is the shape of a sound?
Jun. A treat for the ears
May Building with glass
Apr VinziRast-mittendrin
Mar Observation towers

Dec Building with Steel
Nov The Spaceship Has Landed. The new WU
Sep Bus Stops?!
Oct Let's Reclaim the Road!
Jun Building with Steel
May Collect, Collect, Collect
Apr Structural Design – Balance at a Standstill
Mar A Port in Vienna

Dec Architecture and Film
Nov Build Me A Landscape
Oct Building with Wood
Sep Not Only Buildings are Restored
Jun Living Beside the Water in Vienna
May How do you build a station?
Apr Building with Clay?
Mar Bookworms take note!

Dec Build Me an Exhibition!
Nov Concocting Space
Oct. Building for Children
Sep The Labyrinthine City
Jun Plant Your House!
Apr Secrets in the Az W Archives
Mar Buidling with the sun

Dec We build ourselves an igloo
Nov Lego Architecture
Oct From Throne to Function: of Tables, Chairs and other Kinds of Furniture
Sep Micro-houses Writ Large
Jun On Sonorous Places and Acoustic Spaces
Apr Toys Dream of Spaces
Mar Space and Light

Dec For Bookworms!
Okt What is Design?
Sep Shown in the Right Light
Jun Az W LEGO City
May A Building with Many Guises
May HAT WALK on the catwalk
Apr Monumental Thinking!
Mar How is a Chair Made?

Dec. What does an architect actually do? From the drawing board to CAD
Nov Solar Houses — we live with the sun
Oct archimatik
Sep The (Film) Role of Architecture
Jun In the right light.
May Architecture correspondent for a day – Kabelwerk
Apr Where do architecture models come from?

Apr For Spies
May archimatics
Jun Architecture correspondent for a day – T-Center
Sep Playgrounds
Oct How do Animals Live?
Dec Open doors at the museum
Dec For Bookworms

Kindly supported by Kapla and LEGO.

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Archikids: Mudbricks, Burnt Bricks or LEGO?

Architecture correspondent for a day
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