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The Achleitner Archives

The Achleitner Archives are the most important archives of 20th century Austrian architecture. They were purchased in 1999 by the City of Vienna and handed over to the Architekturzentrum Wien to prepare them for public access and for further research work.

Resulting from the specific approach and work method used by Friedrich Achleitner, the Achleitner Archives are by and large built up and ordered topographically. The publication of the architecture guide at the end of the extensive research work represents the concentrated results of this work. The material collected for this purpose is to be found in the archives, generally speaking not original sources but copies - of both primary and secondary sources. The ordering and thus the method of searching for material within the card index is related to specific buildings which is to say Austria is subdivided into its federal states, cities and towns, functions, addresses (streets etc.). The ordered collections of material start for the most part in the mid 1960s and are continued to the present. In addition there is an alphabetically ordered architects card index with biographical details in varying degrees of detail, according to the current state of research

The Achleitner Archives:
22.340 Indexcards of objects
2.690 Indexcards of architects
66.500 photographic negatives
37.800 slides
13.800 photographic enlargements
570 plans
250 route plans
1.030 books, broshures, catalogues, magazines
material boxes (topographically ordered)

Biography Friedrich Achleitner:
born on 23.05.1930 in Schalchen, Upper Austria

1950–1953 Studied architecture, took his diploma in the master class of Clemens Holzmeister at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna

1953–1955 Master class of Emil Pirchan, stage design

1953–1958 Freelance architect, worked together Johann Georg Gsteu

1958 Achleitner ceases to work as an architect and becomes a freelance writer. As a member of the legendary "wiener gruppe" (Konrad Bayer, Gerhard Rühm, Oswald Wiener) he writes poems in dialect and concrete poetry and takes part in productions of the "literarisches cabaret".

1961 Architecture critic of the "Abendzeitung"

1962–1972 Architecture critic of the daily newspaper "Die Presse"

1963–1983 Lecturer in "History of Building Construction" at the Academy of Fine Arts

1983–1998 Head of the faculty of "History and Theory of Architecture" at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna

1998 Professor emeritus

1965–2010 Friedrich Achleitner writes his "Guide to Austrian Architecture of the 20th Century".

To the present lives and works as a freelance writer in Vienna

1957: Theodor Körner Prize
1983: Camillo Sitte Prize
1984: Austrian State Prize for Cultural Journalism
1990: Prize of the City of Vienna for Journalism
1995: Culture Prize of the State of Upper Austria for Architecture
1995: Gold Medal of the Federal Capital Vienna
1999: Prize of the Architecture Museum Basel
2002: Gold Medal of Honour for Services to the State of Vienna
2004: Mauriz Balzarek Prize
2006: Montfort Order in Gold
2007: Prize of the City of Vienna for Literature
2008: Schellin Prize for Architecture Theory
2008: Heinrich Gleißner Prize
2011: Paul Watzlawick Ring of Honour
2014: Awarded the Austrian Cross of Honour for Science and Art, 1st Class

Architecture guides:
Österreichische Architektur im 20. Jahrhundert/Austrian Architecture in the 20th Century. A guide in three [from vol.III/1: four] volumes, published by Museum moderner Kunst Wien or Architekturzentrum Wien (vol. III/3), Residenz Verlag Salzburg
Volume I: Upper Austria, Salzburg, Tyrol, Vorarlberg; 1980; ISBN 3-7017-0248-9
Volume II. Carinthia, Styria, Burgenland; 1983; ISBN 3-7017-0322-1
Volume III/1: Vienna, Districts 1–12; 1990; ISBN 3-7017-0635-2
Volume III/2: Vienna, Districts 13–18; 1995; ISBN 3-7017-0704-9
Volume III/3: Vienna, Districts 19–23; 201 0; ISBN 978-3-7017-3209-8

Architectural-literary works (selection):
1959 hosn rosn baa, poems in dialect with H.C.Artmann and Gerhard Rühm, Vienna
1960 schwer schwarz, concrete poetry, eugen gomringer press, Frauenfeld
1967 die wiener gruppe, ed. Gerhard Rühm, with H.C.Artmann, Konrad Bayer, Gerhard Rühm,
Oswald Wiener, Hamburg
1968 Lois Welzenbacher, monograph, with Ottokar Uhl, Salzburg
1970 prosa, konstellationen, montagen, dialektgedichte, studien, Hamburg
1973 quadratroman, Darmstadt
1977 Die WARE Landschaft, (ed.), Salzburg
1980 friedrich achleitner + gerhard rühm. super rekord 50+50, Linz
1986 Nieder mit Fischer von Erlach, (architecture criticism), Salzburg
1987 Aufforderung zum Vertrauen, (architecture criticism), Salzburg
1991 KAAS (poems in dialect), Salzburg
1994 Die rückwärtsgewandte Utopie: Motor des Fortschritts in der Wiener Architektur, Vienna
1995 Die Plotteggs kommen, Vienna
1996 Wiener Architektur, Vienna
1997 Region, ein Konstrukt? Regionalismus, eine Pleite?, Basel
2003 einschlafgeschichten, Vienna
2004 wiener Iinien, (prose collection )Vienna
2006 und oder oder und, Vienna
2007 quadratroman
2009 der springende punkt
2011 iwahaubbd. Poems in dialect
2013 Den Toten eine Blume. Die Denkmäler von Bogdan Bogdanović

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