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Beautiful Homes on the Model Housing Estate
a cooperation with KulturKontakt Austria, the Wien Museum, the Az W, the Berufsschule für Baugewerbe, Johanna Reiner and eSeL

1932: The Werkbundsiedlung was an achievement of international modern housing development. Seventy completely fitted model homes demonstrate new concepts for the use of space and for housing. The model settlement was the manifesto for a social and aesthetic ideal of a better standard of living. An exhibition at the Wien Museum is dedicated to this key chapter in the history of architecture and culture.
September 2012, 80 years later: In an open process, apprentices at the Baugewerbeschule discuss social utopias and the conservation of historic monuments, and produce new concepts for housing and living with feasible ways to mediate them.

The 2.5-day workshop (10–12.09.2012) was held in the exhibition on the Werkbundsiedlung at the Wien Museum on Karlsplatz, at the Architekturzentrum Wien and at the Werkbundsiedlung in the 13th District of Vienna. An analysis was made of model social lifestyles and the conserving of value and the manifestation of these, or their proliferation, in idealistic housing. Parallel to the exhibition at the Wien Museum, the AzW and the Werkbundsiedlung, a critical study was made of product catalogues and design and home furnishing magazines. A great deal of space and time was spent on the young people's narratives and their appraisals of the housing, these ideal homes. The settlement movement versus the housing development programme of Red Vienna, the significance of the building supplies industry, the hand-production and industrial manufacture of furniture, leisure pursuits, standards of hygiene and individualisation are the subjects that can be pursued in depth by participants according to their interests.

Interactive stations and installations, like advice facilities for home furnishings and building, were completed during the workshop. The youths are involving the residents of the Werkbundsiedlung in the project.

In addition, a specially produced video is being shown in the exhibition at the Az W and, to make it available to a broader audience, online on the Wien Museum website. The video is being made by eSeL (Lorenz Seidler) in collaboration with the youths.
a cooperation with KulturKontakt Austria (Programm K3), the Wien Museum, the Az W, the Berufsschule für Baugewerbe (65 Wagramer Strasse), Johanna Reiner (artist) and eSeL


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