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Emerging Architecture 3 - Kommende Architektur 3
Beyond Architainment

Location: Architekturzentrum Wien - Old hall
Exhibition: 21 November 2002 - 10 March 2003
Opening Hours: Daily 10:00 am - 7:00 pm, Wed until 9:00 pm
Opening: Wednesday 20 November 2002, 7pm

kohlgasse 11/3
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rudi fritz, susanne höhndorf, gerhard huber, martina schöberl, friedel winkler, born between 1957 and 1963; awarded diplomas between 1989 and 1993. studied at vienna tu, berlin tu, stuttgart academy of arts and vienna college of applied arts. guest lecturers at the estonian academy of arts, tallinn.
working group since 1989, RATAPLAN since 1993.

buildings, projects (select):
literaturhaus, 1989 - 1991
hegergasse residential project (2000 vienna urban renovation prize), 1993 - 1999
vienna paint, office development/conversion and extensions, 1993 - 2001
kirchengasse residential atelier, 1996
mica music information center austria, 1997, all in vienna
kids'theme park, germany, 1997
passio, stage design, leopoldstadt theater; ARENA, open air site, both 1998
AFS1, housing, 1999; all in vienna
mödling sfd, conversion/annex, 1999 - 2001
unit-f, fashion office, 2000
vogelfrei, screen, k/haus, 2000
SSG, attic extension, 2001; all in vienna
sfd in niamey, niger, 2001

ARENA, event center, vienna
2 residential buildings, vienna 16
kaserngasse, urban villas, vienna
community center, teltow near berlin (competition winner)

individuality in anonymity
their career typifies those of the new viennese groups. the five team members started out into self-employment right after their studies, without years of acquiring experience in architects´ offices. their first jobs included interior design and conversions for NPOs, for agencies in commercial design, the media, fashion. the maxims they developed from the very beginnings applied to collectivity, role-swapping and equal rights in each stage of work, from designing to supervising construction. everybody does everything, there are no specializations.

the office is deliberately held "small" in an attempt to maintain the intensity of internal communication and to offer clients a compact, flexible vis-à-vis. the office is considered a key living space, and working-time quality of life is given much attention. for instance, every member of the team enjoys three months of vacation privileges, and RATAPLAN organized their own insurance without consulting professional associations. quite logical then, but no matter of course, that such rejection of conventional job descriptions would lead to political involvement: RATAPLAN are among the proponents and activists of the ig architektur, founded in vienna as an alternative to the chamber of architecture. [...]


Permanent Exhibition

Emerging Architecture 3 - Kommende Architektur 3
The 10 Teams
* Feyferlik / Fritzer
* AllesWirdGut
* Holz Box Tirol
* pool
* one room huber / meinhart
* riccione
* franz sam
* weichlbauer / ortis

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Emerging Architecture 3 - Kommende Architektur

Emerging Architecture 3 - Kommende Architektur 3

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